We service every kind of activity- cooperation is offered to all, micro, small, medium and macro entrepreneurs, as well as individual Customers.

We assure comprehensive services in all fields of law, including: preparing of legal opinions, giving going advice, constructing of contracts, negotiations, giving advice and representation of our Customers at all stages of legal proceedings before all courts, offices and institutions throughout the country in connection to the conducted case.

We make sure that our relations are based on mutual trust. We seek the most favourable solutions for our customers. In care of the highest quality of services we ask for advice from experts, which enable accurate analysis of any case. We are not afraid of new challenges and continually strive to overcome any encountered obstacles and barriers.

Out of care for your comfort, in addition to the standard forms of contact, we offer meetings, consultations and document transfers on-line.

We offer flexible payment conditions, adapted to the nature and complexity of the case.


Entrepreneurs are offered a constant, ongoing support of their economic activity, in which we coordinate and co-create actions of the company and we provide one-time advice and legal consultations, including issuing opinions, creating of documents and acts of domestic law, taking part in negotiations, conducting mediation and settlements, representing in any judicial, administrative and judicial-administrative processes.

Individual Customers

Individual customers are offered help in solving problems connected with all fields of law. We seek for the safest and the best solutions, keeping in mind clients resources. We don’t expose you to unnecessary costs, while trying to solve the problem as soon as possible. We are also helping in obtaining medical help.


Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts with clauses and commentary, so that the customer can use them depending on circumstances and needs.

Equestrian Market

Due to the rapid development of the equestrian marker, we offer you assistance including: the preparation and verification of: sponsorship contracts, guesthouse agreements, purchase-sale agreements, contracts for employees (staff of the equestrian centre, breeding and all the adjacent hotels), recovery of claims due to unpaid hotel bills, accidents and intermediaries as well as veterinarians, also settling of payments, conducting mediations and settlements.

Real Estate

We help to safely carry out transactions of purchase-sale and rental of properties. Together we search for and choose the best offers (houses, apartments, lots, industrial estate and investments), obtain information and provide full legal support of all transactions. We point you to notaries, insurance companies and tax consultants- depending on your needs.

Issuing opinions based on Documentation

Preparing an opinion based on documentation submitted by the customer, such as risk assessment, preparing of the model of conduct, costs representation.


We are LYONESS partners- the largest purchasing network worldwide, which offers refund on all purchases since 2013. Lyoness is a global network used by everyone. Partners of Lyoness are large chains like: ORLEN, BP, ALMA or PORSCHE. If you want to sign up to the programme CALL or WRITE TO US.